Maintenance & Fine Gardening


The 50+ years of combined experience and utilizing the latest in tools and technology in the landscape maintenance industry, affords Rock & Rose, Inc. clients the availability of a complete spectrum of landscape maintenance services to satisfy the needs of any scope or size of project.  Our project managers will work with you to develop a plan that reflects your long-term needs for maintaining your landscape’s appearance and functionality over time.  At Rock & Rose, Inc., we are committed to maintaining healthy plants and lawns while being mindful of our natural resources.  Contact us today and we can customize a maintenance plan that suits all your needs.

Fine Gardening:

Fine Gardening specializes in creating and maintaining inspired, beautiful gardens.  Gardens for plants and people- adding seasonal color changes, perennial and annual flower care, fertilization, weed control and plant disease control, specializing in organic care including compost tea applications.  The Fine Gardening team will be available in assisting you to create your own personalized program that fits your budget and lifestyle.  The result, a unique custom crafted sanctuary for both owner and all that visit.

Landscape & Bed Work:

Weeding & Cultivation
Spade edging of beds
Re-mulching of beds with bark mulch
Pre-emergent weed control in planting beds
Detailed bed care
Container Planting
Hand Watering

Professional Plant Material Care:

Seasonal pruning of shrubs & perennials
Rejuvenation & restoration pruning
Slow release fertilization of plants
Re-mulching of perennials with compost
Proper perennial groundcover care